Weight Loss Shakes : Do they really make you slim?

Weight reduction is so much popular and searched topic both in online as well as offline world. Due to busy life schedule, we are not getting proper time to maintain proper nutrition, bad food-habits, lack of exercise or workouts and also most of the works can be done by sitting in computer these days and the major problem is "WE DON'T HAVE TIME". We need to wake up before its too late as we know "HEALTH IS WEALTH". There are lots of methods and tutorials for weight reduction you can find online. Some may work and some may be scams only; some deliver information products and some sell their own products. We continuously keep researching various topics and niches to deliver high quality solution via our blog like this one and in this post, we are going to talk about weight loss shakes, their pros and cons, significance and relevance. So, lets move on..

Quick Intro : Weight Loss Shakes

As the title itself says, its a normal protein shake which helps to reduce and maintain weight. It is often used as a low-calorie substitute of heavy diets. The mechanism behind is that, it contains sufficient nutrition for maintaining balanced diet. It is more effective when consumed with a proper healthy diet and regular workouts. These shakes normally reduce the intake of excess calories which eventually become helpful for cutting pounds.

Working Mechanism of Weight Loss Shakes

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The main reason behind overweight/ clinical obesity is consuming heavy calories and burning less calories. For the normal functioning of our bodily activities like heart beat, breathing, we need certain calories a day which increase as we increase our physical and mental activities; like an athlete or sports-person needs more calories per day than a guy who works in a computer. To understand this clearly, please have a look in this article (Basal Metabolic Rate) from Wikipedia. To make it more clear for basic readers, i want to explain with an example; if a guy needs 2000 calories per day and consumes 2500 then 500 calories will be stored as a fat and if he doesn't burn the excess calories with certain workouts and these piling and storing up of extra calories will eventually make him overweight in the long run. Weight loss shakes minimize this calorie intake while maintaining balanced diet; this is why it is also known as "meal replacement shakes".

Pros and Cons

As like other weight loss products, weight loss shakes also do have some pros and cons which is totally obvious.

Pros :

  1. One of the best method of weight reduction without putting much effort like tough cardio-workouts etc.
  2. Helps in maintaining balanced and nutritious diet.
  3. Tastes good and delicious.
  4. Easy to make and saves time.
  5. If taken correctly in order, with calculating calories intake and burning ratio, these shakes can be a great and easy way to lose weight.


  1. Negatively, consuming more weight loss shakes can work opposite and make you more obese.
  2. Easy to make but its always not appropriate to check calories intake in all situation.
  3. If you have already taken high calorie foods like meat, eggs, cheese etc, consuming these shakes work against your plan.
  4. It is also said that having weight loss shakes on a very low calorie diet can cause fatigue, diarrhea, constipation, exhaustion after some weeks.

Best Meal
weight loss shakes

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Replacement Shakes:

There are lots of weight loss shake's products online and each have their own significance and pricing. Some are highly priced while some are affordable. Its almost impossible to list-out every products here, but i will mention some of the best products which are used and rated by millions of people worldwide.

  1. Herbalife :-Herbalife is one of the leading multi-national company dedicated for nutrition and health care products. Apart of their high quality products in health care and nutrition, they are providing social service via Herbalife Family Foundation to vulnerable children victimized by natural disasters. Some of the products you can try are- (If you buy via these links, i do earn some commissions)

    2. Body by Vi (Visalus):- This is another company whose ultimate mission is "taking the weight off the world" . They believe in making the world healthier starts with making people healthy with the combination of good nutrition, education and promoting network. In short, they fight against OBESITY which is the main cause behind many long term illness, we are suffering. Apart of their great products, they have a strong community.Some of their heart stopping products are-


weight loss shakes

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3. Shakeology:-Shakeology is another meal replacement shake which is recommended by various specialists and doctors. Shakeology products are of high quality and positively reviewed by its users; Have a look in ,Shakeology reviews at myfitnesspal. Their products are bit expensive but a long term investment to live healthy and fat-free life. Some of their most effective products are –

.   4. Advocare:- Advocare is another company producing high-standard weight loss shakes. They not only produce meal replacement and nutritional products but also energy boosting and sports performance products. Some of their best meal replacement products are–

So, these are some of the major companies leading in producing high-standard weight loss shakes. When you buy from these links, definitely i will earn a commission but this doesn't mean i will be recommending crappy products. I have researched well, compared the reviews and finally publish here. To ensure you more, you can have a look on the feedbacks and user experiences in Weight loss shakes user experiences at Myfitnesspal.com.

If you have any queries, questions and suggestions, feel free to contact us. You can also share your experiences about meal replacement shakes in comments section.


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