The Top 3 Vulnerable Areas of Our Lives

We are most vulnerable when we feel most secure. This is true for our relationships, our careers, our financial situations, and most of all our safety. Often times the most important aspects of our lives are those aspects that are most vulnerable. Driving, Home Security, and Nutrition are three things that many of us do not spend enough time safeguarding, though they are three huge elements to preserving our safety.


We are creatures of habit, and tasks that we perform on a daily basis tend to be done in “auto-pilot” mode. We often do not pay attention to repetitive tasks such as driving. I am guilty of arriving at my destination only to stop and wonder exactly how I got there. Driving while distracted is much more dangerous than we would like to admit. Since driving is such a commonplace task, it is easy to feel safe while traveling at speeds that, in reality could easily harm anyone. Texting, calling, loud music, even daydreaming feel as though they are perfectly acceptable while at the wheel of a vehicle, but it isn’t until those distractions cost us or those around us a heavy price, we do not consider the terrible possibilities.





It’s a general and broad topic, but many of our health problems could be avoided if we simply decided to no longer remain vulnerable to them. It is so much easier to consume fast food than it is to cook a meal, but the effort it takes to eat right is nothing compared to the ability to live life in a healthy manner. Being health-conscious is such a small price to pay for living a life free of obesity and other complications due to lack of quality nutrition. Watching our nutrition not only protects us for complications that arise from an unhealthy diet, but also reduces the risk of food poisoning and other contamination that can be ingested by the careless food industry. We only have one body, so it makes sense to be choosy about what we decide to put into it.


home security


Home Security

I am guilty of often leaving my doors unlocked, especially when my family is home and I think nothing of it. However, merely leaving the door unlocked is an invitation to an intruder, and an infinite amount of horrible situations. Nowadays, though, a locked door is merely a small obstacle to an intruder. We take for granted the usefulness of a good home alarm system, and we often do not consider the need for one until the worst happens. The good thing is that we live in a century where technology is being put to great use, and is easily accessible to the public. For example, Rockwall Home Security easily integrates the management of their systems into an app. We can now monitor and control our security even while we are away from home or even out of town. There’s no reason we should allow our safety to remain vulnerable when we have access to such technology.

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