Tips to quit Smoking

Smoking was, is and will always be the headache of humankind. To get rid of this addiction, one easy option is to close all the industries and factories producing cigarettes. And interestingly, this is way not possible. So, if you are not able to stop or close the sources, can you really quit smoking? Is there any easy quit smoking tips?? The answer is "YES". At this point of time, i remember a quotation," If you can't change the world, change yourself then change your world ". Ummm, i am sorry but i forgot who had quoted this, may be Dale Carnegie. Whoever said it, it can actually be implemented in this case. If we can't close the cigarette factories, we can close ourselves to have it, to enjoy it or to buy it.

Here, I really do not like to mention the negative aspects of this deadly addiction named "SMOKING" . As you are here, you are very well known of the consequences it can bring in coming days. And even i can perceive that as you are in this page, you are desperately searching the solution of this addiction or simply you are bored and want to quit inhaling the smoke inside, which does nothing more than harm you. Neither i am going to discuss about the reasons of " Why you started to smoke", as this cannot be generalized too and definitely it’s too late to discuss this theme here. In this post, I am more focused on giving some quick tips to quit smoking.

Starting smoking or any addiction is fun, easy and especially entertaining as you are trying something new and yah, you are feeling good. This character is genetic as we all want to try new things and gain new experiences. This has been evolved to us from our forefathers. And yes, to quit smoking is way more challenging than losing weight. There are various products which claim to help you quit smoking and any addiction in certain period of time. Some may work and some may not. But, here i am going to give some natural tips to quit smoking.Yah, i know you are very eager to know the tips, so here it goes.

Tips to Quit Smoking:

Tips to quit smoking

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  1. Firstly make your mind-set. It is important. Think, quitting smoking is not an impossible task or unattainable goal. If other can quit, i too can.
  2. Initial attempt of quitting can be challenging and you may lose control. But, always be optimistic in whatever will happen, I will never smoke again.
  3. If you are chain smoker, it will be tougher, so start by lessening the number you take in daily basis.
  4. You can brainstorm yourself and write at least 20 reasons on why you must have to quit smoking? Write it with red marker.
  5. Place the written piece on places when you spend most time, it can be your office desk, computer desk, Kitchen, Dining Room, Wall of your room. The main aim of this is to keep you motivated and boost the determination and dedication.
  6. Scan the written affirmations and make it your desktop wallpaper, mobile theme and do not change it. This may sound simple, but this will work indeed.
  7. When you are uncontrolled to have nicotine, take chewing gum (nicotine substitute chewing gum is available), juice or some cold drinks.
  8. Print the photos from internet or buy showing negative effect of smoking. Like burned Lungs, people suffered from cancer and place it on your room where you can see it.
  9. Be optimistic and be proud that you are doing something good and challenging to produce best result. Try morning walk, exercise or you can even meditate and affirm you to quit smoking.
  10. Engage in parties, get-together but is determinant not to smoke whatever be the reason. Some may advice not to go parties and ignore the friend's circles who are addicted to. Instead, i say you can even get them out of this addiction.
  11. Join some meditation programs like transcendental meditation, self-hypnotism and autogenics to relax and to be stress free.

So, these are some full-proof tips to quit smoking. Smoking is addiction of nicotine and until unless you control your brain for this need and create alternate route for its fulfillment, no any products can help you to quit smoking. The one line summary of these whole tips is "NEVER BACK DOWN". Yah, you need to be patient, determinant and dedicated. And make a chart plan on how you can better stop smoking using the tips above. One last word from me, Life is priceless, live it to the fullest and never blow you life in smoke.

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