Tattoo cover up ideas

Tattoo Cover Up Ideas

As being a human, by nature we love changes. We get bored by using same thing especially physical things and even our desires and hobbies. Piercing and tattooing is a hobby of many people irrespective of their caste, tribe, gender, culture and ethics. Initially, when we paint our body parts with tattoos, we get exited and happy as being a human character of loving changes especially which we like. But, when the tattoo design gets old, we naturally get bored of it and search for options to remove or replace it. Read our previous article on how to remove a tattoo to get a clear insight. There are various ways to remove a tattoo but the better solution for a tattoo lover is to replace or cover it up, here is where we need to brainstorm tattoo cover up ideas.

Basic understanding : Tattoo Cover up ideas

Well, as you are reading this article, you are well know about what is tattoo cover up. But, in writing article, we must have to think of a total newbie so that much more value information, we can share with our subscribers or audience.

Tattoo cover up is the process of redesigning the existed tattoo to something different and innovative by re-tattooing. This process will completely or partially hide the original tattoo and replace it with something different. The old tattoo will always be there but it becomes invisible or simply hidden. Covering up a tattoo with another one have the same procedure like of creating a brand new one but as you are bind to hide the existing one, and to create an innovative or attractive design out of it is indeed a challenging task. So, this post will try to deliver you some ways on how to ponder tattoo cover up ideas or how to brainstorm and be creative to create something you will be loving for a long time.

Methods: Tattoo cover up

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    Scripting:- If you tattoo design is small, it will be very much easy to cover it up. Scripting can be done to the pre-existing tattoos of scripts. This is effective to hide the old script by merging or creating another script out of the old one. It is not as easy as it seems. To create another script  with a meaning from old one is really tough.
  2. Re-Structuring:- If you have large tattoo like of dragons, skulls, ladies and covered a large body part, you can restructure it . Creating a dinosaur out of dragon is one example but the idea is limitless. You can make anything, just think of what can be the best which suits your overall personality. This method is easier than scripting as you are free to create new designs
  3. Tribal:- In many cultures, tattooing has a distinct and important place. This method is useful if you are religious. Tribal tattoos are deep colored which can easily hide your old tattoo. Each of the tribal tattoos have their own meaning so, you need to have a clear understanding of what you are going to cover up your old design and what message will it deliver.
  4. Naming:- Its similar like scripting, but limited to names. If you have a tattoo of your name or of your sweetheart's, you can cover it up with another script or font style.
  5. Coloring:- Color plays an important role in our life. This process is simply covering up your old tattoo with new color, but the design will be the same. When using color, do not use extreme red and bright color. Go for light brown, maroon and blues.

So, these are some tips and ways to brainstorm on tattoo cover up ideas.  If you have already experienced covering up tattoos, what were your methods? We want to hear your methods. So, pour your thoughts and ideas in comments.




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