Substance Abuse Disorder and Problems

Substance Abuse Disorder:

Substance abuse disorder is the condition where an individual abuses a substance to the point where that leads to mal-adaptive behaviors, followed by at least one symptom which interferes his/her normal life functioning within a 1 year period. When a person is addicted to a substance especially drug, it is not easy for them to quit the addiction. They are dependent to such drug and when restricted to use them, they can suffer from various mental disorders like bipolar disorder to schizophrenia.

The dependency is so high that, they can't assume to live without such substance. Some of the major substances which are responsible for this disorder are but not limited to

  • Alcohol :- This is the major one which can be found anywhere and a main cause for intoxication and addiction. We have heard and seen a lot of life and families are being destroyed and collapsed due to alcohol addiction and abuse. This not only destroys the social life but is responsible for many health hazards from kidney failure to heart diseases.


  • Nicotine:- This is another major substance which is very easily available and cheap. They can be found in the form of cigarettes. Have a look on our article regarding nicotine free cigarettes.


  • Marijuana:- Marijuana is a weed which is also very addictive by nature. Marijuana addiction is more effective than addiction to cigarettes or nicotine. Our post on how to stop smoking weed may be helpful for better understanding.


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    Sedatives:- Sedatives are the hypnotic drug which directly affect our nervous system and are used to alleviate pain, inducing sleep and relaxation to patients. They have calming and soothing effect. But, if they are abused or used without proper prescription of medical practitioner, they can be highly addictive. Sleeping pills is one example of sedative drug.


  • Morphine:- Morphine is an alkaloid narcotic extracted from opium. It is used mostly as a pain killer and given to patient after surgery or operation in limited amount under doctor's supervision. But, if it is taken wrongly, it is very very addictive.


  • Caffeine:- We have all heard of caffeine. And this is the one reason why we are addicted to tea and coffee. Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system.


  • Mood Stabilizers:- Mood Stabilizers are the medicines which are given to patients suffering from extreme mood swings like bipolar disorder, schizophrenia where they get multiple episodes of depression and mania. These medicines if abused can be highly dangerous.


substance abuse disorder

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Substance Abuse Problems:

We can't imagine the bunch of problems due to substance or drug abuse. There may be various causes for which people fall under these kind of addiction but the consequences are destructive. Normally, youths are wasting their time, energy and whole life by being extremely addicted to these substances. Problems created by substance abuse are not limited. It affects the particular individual, destroys his/her social and personal life, and destroys his intellectual ability and personal development, his /her relation with family members. Apart of this, if the individual will have any kind of restriction to fulfill this addiction, he/she can take wrong way like looting, stealing and can even leads to killing incidents. Ultimately, substance abuse problems has established as a challenge for the whole society. This should be stopped; the drug mafia must be punished. So, we say STOP DRUG ABUSE


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