Preferably, this section of my blog will mention some resources i use for maintaining this blog as well as other blogs under our network. They really work great for me and hopefully will be useful for you as well.


Out of all the competitors, I recommend Bluehost as a hosting provider. Their customer support, server uptime is simply awesome. You wont have a headache after hosting your site on Bluehost as they are hosting more than 2 million websites worldwide. Click the image below for more information.

For Domain Name, we mostly reply on Namecheap. They are cheap and affordable as well as user friendly control panel. Apart of that, they have double layer authentication for more security. Click here to check them out.


Majority of internet marketers or bloggers are using autoresponders from Getresponse, Aweber, iContact. They are great and by far the most competitive in market. But, for newbie blogger and small business owner, startup cost can be high for sustaining them. So, i prefer Your Mailing List Provider. They are very competitive and offer free service upto 1000 opt-ins and 1000 emails per month. They have build-in autoresponder and newsletter plus user friendly interface for web-forms creation. Managing groups is very easy and yes, you can upgrade later to its pro and more powerful version. And i strongly recommend them, if you are just starting up your internet business. Please click the image below for more information.

Email Newsletters & Email Marketing by 


Paypal:  This is one of the easiest and safest method to pay and get paid. We normally use Paypal for maintaining most of our transactions 

Payoneer:  This is the alternative of Paypal. This actually is not a payment processor like Paypal but this company is one of its kind. They provide free prepaid MasterCard to their account holders and link that card to the virtual US bank account (this service needs to be requested later; known as USP service). The balance in the card can be withdraw from any ATMs through any corner of the world which accepts MasterCard. Apart of that, they have Global Money Transfer Service through which they transfer balance from US virtual Bank to your local banks in your local currency. They are great indeed. Their customer service is amazing and simply the best. So, i strongly recommend using them. Click here to create a free Payoneer account and receive a free prepaid MasterCard. As a Bonus, they load your account with 25$ when you go through the link i provided. Don't miss this opportunity!!

  • BLOGGING SOFTWARE/PLATFORM This is the most used self hosted platform or CMS (Content Management System). They are very simple and easy to use. They have great support community and the version is updated frequently. We use their platform for all of our blogs and sites. But, to use this platform, you need to have domain name and hosting account separately (please check out our recommendation on domain and hosting before). Please don't get confused regarding and In, you do not need any hosting and domain name separately; they host your domain name in their own server like But, in is a software which needs to be installed separately on your own hosting account. We 'll provide step by step tutorial very soon. This is free blogging service provided by Google. They host your blog in their own server and you have less flexibility to play with your account; is one of the example of site using this platform. If you are just starting up and newbie to this blogging field, you can initially try this platform for the know-how. I had created my first blog on this platform as my passion 5 yrs back. You can check my first blog here



#Keywords Research is one of the best practice when it comes to understanding your market and niche. Normally, there are lots of tools out there but my favorite is Google Keywords Planner (previously Google Adwords keywords Tools). And it is free. It helps to research what keywords are people searching and its profitability. Another paid software for Keywords research is Market Samurai, however this tool is more than only a keywords research tool, you can try its full functionality for free for certain time.

#Another tool i frequently use is Google Trends (Google Insights). This tool is free and you can analyze the trend of certain keywords and even forecast its reliability in future. Its very handy and powerful tool

# As like Market Samurai, we often use Long Tail Pro which is very reliable and generate speedy results. It also provides Domain Age Authority, Page Authority and much more  SEO stuffs from They also have 10 days free trial. Click here to know more features and hidden tools of Long tail pro and try them free for 10 days.

Long tail pro




# For your site/blog's health, errors and indexing, you must have to open an account on Google Webmasters Tool. This is the most needy one to find out the status of your site/blog on Google's eye.

# Checking of your site's stats is very important for planning new strategies and targeting new campaigns. Here also Google Analytics is all in one tool, you must have on your arsenal.

# To analyze your competitors site and their strategies, you can use SEM RUSH keywords suggestion tool.



As being a owner of your internet business, you alone can't be "AN ONE MAN ARMY". In many cases you need help of others, so that you can solve many technical problems which will happen timely as well as you can focus on your main potential. So, outsourcing of various less important stuffs is necessary. There are many outsourcing companies but, we rely mainly on,

# ODesk:- This is probably the number one in the market for outsourcing stuffs. You can get very qualified freelancers from graphic design, web-design to coding, WordPress development, apps development, content creation, landing pages design etc.

# Elance:- This is similar as like ODesk. You can get very qualified people here as well.

# Freelancer :- This is one of the competitive marketplace if you are serious about hiring experts from web-designer, graphic designer, web-developer, apps/software engineer to blogger, content curator, publishers, writers and a lot more. Recently, they acquire (Top Internet Marketing Community on the web) which also put them above the competition. Try it for free


Learning is the continuous process and we believe  that, the greatest investment is the investment for knowledge and transform it to wisdom. There are almost not a single thing we can't get by GOOGLING but there is always the risk of information overload. So, taking tutorials and coaching programs to enhance skills is always important. I personally give coaching  and take coaching from only one place known as Udemy (Online Courses Tutorial Company). And yes, when you go via the link below and enroll yourself, you will get 65% huge discount on any courses you desire. Please don't miss this chance.

  1. Discover Udemy's technology & entrepreneurship courses!
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Actually this always should be secondary aim. Firstly, providing value and giving more than you receive should be the thing you must focus on. However, monetization of blogs will inspire you to give more. So, here are some networks we had worked and is working with.

# Google Adsense Program:- This is the easiest way to start monetizing your website/blog. Firstly, they need to approve you and give you an account from which you will get certain advertisements java script codes, you need to paste on your blog. Then, relevant adverts will be displayed on your posts. When, someone clicks on those ads, you will get paid accordingly.

# Private Advertisement:- When your blog/site gets a noticeable amount of traffic, you can sell your banner space to other interested advertisers.

#Affiliate Programs:- As mentioned earlier, we normally promote products from Clickbank, LinkShare, ShareAsale, Commission Junction etc. However, you can become affiliate of programs relevant to your site/blog and get paid by promoting their products.

#Payperpost:- You can also publish sponsored posts on your blog promoting some other company. There is one excellent network we have tried and had good experience. They are PostJoint (They are currently slapped by Google for un-natural inbound links; So, temporarily, we do not recommend their service as an advertiser). There, you need to have a blog (PR2+) and when your account will be approved, you will get offers and opportunities, when you are selected to post certain articles or blog posts, you get paid.

# Intermediate Media Sale:- This is as like selling private space to other advertisers but here, your blog have to have certain traffic. You have to open account on mediator companies like, if you are approved, they will post your blog on proper category and other will advertise on your blog via them.


There are times when we have to rely on VPN or Virtual Private Networks for more security. We don't use them often but the only company we use are ibvpn. They are the leader in market. They have servers from many countries and have ibDNS feature for maintaining speed. They provide 6 hours free trial as well. Click the image below to try them.



#Cloudflare:- This is the superb technology which enables to make my sites fast, secure and available even my hosting server is down. I highly recommend you use the free version initially, then can you upgrade later. Check their Blog for more information about them.

[Content Updated:- April 23rd 2015]

**DISCLAIMER**:- We have tried our very best to provide the optimum resources to have  for a successful internet business.  Majority of them are displayed there by thinking a total newbie internet business person in mind and we have used all of them ourselves. But, we need to make clear that, we are affiliates of some of the programs mentioned above and when you buy from the link, we get commission for generating a new customer for them. But, that doesn't mean, we promote them only for the sake of commission. We have tried all of them and they have been very fruitful for our business. Without a 100% conviction and confidence, we do not recommend any products or services to our valued users.