Relaxation Techniques : Brainwave Entrainment

This is the fourth and last part of the series "Relaxation Techniques". Well, we had already talked about brainwaves entrainment and its benefits and brief definition of brain waves in our earlier post, have a look here. Brainwaves entrainment method is used for various purposes from boosting immunity power to memory and retention, from healing, affirmations to accelerated learning programs. And, interestingly all are inter-related. Here, we will particularly focus on binaural beats using for relaxation techniques. If you had gone through earlier posts of this series, you may have known about basics of brainwaves, its functions and effects. Well, i am not going to repeat them here. But, particularly for relaxation purposes whatever method we use like meditation, visualization, self-hypnotism, affirmations, we are gradually changing the brainwave state from beta to alpha or even to theta accordingly. These methods will certainly change your state to alpha level, but it needs practice and a long time to achieve. So, with the development of science and technology, scientists and researchers have developed some programs which will make you able to change your current state without much effort and its just by listening. This technology has made meditating much effective, easy and handy. I assume, those who are reading this article have some kind of gadget like iPod, iPhone or similar mp3 playing devices. Particularly in this article, i am going to target iPhone or iPod users. I must have to be genuine in whatever i post so i can't publish anything which i have not experienced myself and which i think will not profit my readers. So, before moving towards the iPhone brainwave entrainment applications for relaxation, allow me to briefly define the mechanism of this method.

unexplainable store brainwave entrainmentThe brainwave entrainment is the method in which two different frequencies of sound is broadcasted to right and left ears. When two different frequencies are heard by our ears, a special kind of beat difference is captured and noticed by our brain and resonates with it, this frequency or tone is third tone created due to beat difference. For example, if a 110 Hz tone is sent to right ear and a 100 Hz is sent to left ear, the brain will synchronize in 10 Hz which falls in mid alpha state (alpha brainwaves are between 8-12 Hz). After listening to some duration, you are now tuned to mid-alpha manually and can gain the benefits of being in this state. Normally, for brainwave entrainment , two types of tones are used in particular. One is binaural beats and another is isochronic tones. Both are powerful but the difference between them is that, for binaural beats listening in headphones is the must whereas isochronic tones can be heard without it. Isochronic tones also use equal intensity tones as like binaural beats, but the pulse speed is greater, causing the brain to synchronize with the particular rhythm. You can generally use any alpha binaural beats in mp3 format which i am going to provide for normal mp3 players. But, there are various advanced binaural brainwave entrainment programs developed for various smartphone's platform like iOS, Andriods, Symbians etc.

iPhone, iPod Brainwave Applications for relaxation

Here, i will mention some of the ios apps i am using and gaining benefits.

1. Brainwave by unexplainable store :- Well, i am using this application by unexplainable store and able to gain peaceful relaxation. They normally use isochronic tones instead of binaural beats and the result is effective and intense. They have lots of programs but i have only used programs for relaxation purpose and calming down. You can see the screenshot in the left. After downloading this app, you can get one program for free. Apart of their application for iPhone, you can buy their programs directly to your PC. For more information and to get a free sample, please visit here.

Both are powerful but the difference between them is that, for binaural beats listening in headphones is the must whereas isochronic tones can be heard without it

 2. Brainwave Binaural Programs by Banzai Labs :- As like unexplainable store, banzai labs is also providing brainwave entrainment programs for optimal achievements from creativity, confidence boost to critical thinking, deep sleep, lucid dreaming, meditation, deep relaxation, anger management, anxiety remover and a much more. But, they are only limited to iOS till this date. You can visit their website, for more information.

Well, these are the two most used and trusted companies providing quality products and transforming life of many people in positive directions. But if you do not have iPhones or iOS devices, i have managed to provide you the mp3 downloads which also work like charm and supports all audio players and mp3 devices. I have personally recorded in mp3 formats which is full length and effective as like these softwares. I have put 6 recordings ; (i) Alpha, (ii) Beta, (iii) Theta, (iv) Gamma, (v) Delta and a special Infinite Bliss. I am providing you all of them free. Please sign up with your email address below and enjoy the recordings. 


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