7 Signs That The Relationship is Over

Relationships rarely end right at the moment when all intimacy dies. More frequently, feelings of attachment slowly fade until eventually you are with someone who feels more like an irritating friend than someone you are romantically involved with. Because of this, it can be really hard to know when you should call it quits.

While every relationship is different, here are 7 clear signs that it’s over. 

1) Personal Attacks

Sharing your feelings about your partner’s behavior is healthy. Making biting personal attacks is not. It’s the difference between, “Could you please remember to drop off this package today,” and “Why are you always so lazy?” The moment your partner is so overflowing with anger that they can’t help but put you down, or you have trouble stopping yourself from pointing out your partner’s many faults, it is probably time to euthanized the relationship.

2) No Respect

Relationships can survive fighting and arguing — in fact fighting is frequently a sign that you care about your relationship enough to bring up something serious with the other person. The partnership can’t, however, survive a loss of respect. Once affection has been replaced by contempt to the point where you don’t even care what the other person thinks or feels, it is an undeniable sign that you both need to move on.

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3) Stonewalling

You bring up something important to you to your partner. They just mumble and move on to the other room. 

They talk about their day. You daydream about the time you got to spend alone.

A relationship should ideally be a free exchange of communication. You should both be on the same page about your emotions and your lives. When someone completely blocks you out of their life, to the point of ignoring your feelings and thoughts, it’s a sign that they are merely tolerating your presence, not enjoying your company.

4) Being Together Feels Like a Chore

No one expects a long-term relationship to maintain the feeling of focused passion that you experienced in the first few weeks. At a bare minimum, being together should be pleasant, not a dull task you have to put up with. The moment you realize that you have a having a hard time choosing between spending time with your significant other or scrubbing out your toilet, maybe you should call it quits.

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5) You Expect Them to Change (Even Though They Haven’t)

A healthy relationship is about compromises. You love your partner more than your routine, so you change your routine, just so you can be together. When something about your partner’s behavior irritates you and trying to talk about isn’t making things better, you should decide whether or not that is a deal breaker for you.

6) You Have the Same Fight Over and Over Again

With most fights, you just argue, get it out of your system, and move on. But there is one issue over which you seem to clash constantly. Your relationship feels like a broken record, and you are sick of listening to it. If there is a big, important issue that keeps coming up, and you two can’t seem to find common ground, you should accept the fact that a compromise isn’t going to happen, and end the relationship.

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7) You Never Talk

But what if you never fight? That’s fine — unless of course it’s because you never talk.  Communication is the cornerstone of a solid relationship, and if neither of you can find the energy, time, or inclination to even talk to each other, that is a guaranteed sign that you have really drifted apart. If you are unable to reconnect, call it quits.

Realizing that your relationship has ended is rough. But it’s not as rough as suffering through a partnership that is past its expiration date. If you think your relationship is over, end it before you both become even more unhappy than you already are.

About the Author:Logan Strain is a writer for Instant Checkmate, a simple way to check on anyone's background before you start a relationship with them.