Nicotine Free Cigarettes : Alternative for Quitting Smoking

The title of this post is self -explanatory. We have talked a lot about smoking, tips to quit smoking and weed etc in our previous articles. Once, you are addicted to smoking, it is really very challenging task to quit and get rid of it ,irrespective of the reason of smoking. We all know, addicted to smoking simply means we are addicted to nicotine inside the cigarettes. So, this article will focus briefly on Nicotine free cigarettes, its effectiveness, usage and consequences.

Nicotine Free Cigarettes: An Overview

Well, Nicotine Free Cigarettes are as like the normal cigarettes but are not filled with the element "nicotine" to which normally we get addicted. One of the popular type of nicotine free cigarettes is electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes. If a person is a heavy smoker, attempt to quit smoking at once will have negative consequences in the long term. He may suffer from depression, anxiety and other mental madness due to the lack of nicotine. This is where nicotine free cigarettes come into action.


  1. Electronic cigarettes- As mentioned earlier, this type of cigarettes is artificial by nature but can gives the sense of natural cigarette to the smoker. It is totally free of nicotine and much safer so, majority of people choose this type. It is operated by battery.


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    Herbal Cigarettes:- Another alternative of nicotine less cigarette is herbal cigarettes. These cigarettes are composed of various herbal ingredients which doesn't contain any chemical products. This type of cigarettes is also very popular because it has minimal or no side-effects in comparison with other types. This type has proved to be a very powerful aid to help people on quitting smoking.


  1. Nicotine Less Tobaccos:- This is another type of cigarettes having filled with tobaccos which have no nicotine. A lot more research and development on this type is ongoing and hope it will bring fruitful results in future.


Reliability and Affordability

nicotine free cigarettes

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Its obvious to think about the reliability and affordability of these cigarettes. More and more people are using this tool to be a great aid to help them fight against smoking addiction. Especially, e-cigarettes are more popular among the crowd. So, there is no doubt in the reliability in this method. And yes, if you are serious about quitting smoking and start to live fresh and health life, nothing is greater than your health. If you can afford normal cigarettes, you can afford e-cigarettes too

Benefits of using Nicotine Free Cigarettes

There are numerous benefits of these kind of cigarettes as a tool for nicotine substitute. But i am going to list some major for boosting your inspiration and keeping your motivated to use it.

  • Nicotine Less.
  • Is reliable and affordable , some are cheaper than regular cigarettes.
  • No smoke, no carbon monoxide.
  • Doesn't create bad breath/ stains.
  • User friendly.
  • Risk of fire not involved.


So, these are some of the most popular nicotine free cigarettes used for quitting smoking. If you are using any other method for getting rid of smoking addiction, please let us know via comments.

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  1. ammy says:

    These are the safe smoking alternative devices that donot contain bad effects in it.