Lewy/Louie Body Dementia

Lewy or Louie  Body Dementia

Well, before moving to the topic, i want to make clear to all out valued readers that, there is nothing called Louie Body Dementia. Actually it is being misspelled. But majority of people are searching for this term instead of Lewy Body Dementia (which is the actual medical term), therefore i have also optimized this post accordingly. We had already discussed briefly about dementia in previous posts, so we are more focused on its specific part.


As like other dementia , lewy/louie body dementia (LBD)  is an advanced brain illness which is caused by abnormal rounded structures known as lewy bodies. These bodies develop in the brain regions which are responsible for thinking and physical movements. Actually, generation of these bodies is the result of dead neurons.

Age group and Gender

Normally, it is believed that dementia is that mental illness which attacks in elderly age. But, this is not 100% true. But, in the case of lewy body dementia, people over 65 years of age are found to be affected, and majority of them are males.


General symptoms of this dementia are similar with other forms. Some of the major symptoms are:

i) Memory problems– Short term memory loss which can lead to long-term in chronic stages.

ii) Lack of decision-making or judgment is poor– Patients can’t judge which is good or bad for them.

iii) Confusions—They get confused with small work and in day-to-day activities.

iv) Hallucinations—Mostly include visual, i.e. seeing animals, people, colors, various shapes etc; which is somewhat similar with Alzheimers.

Although dementia is believed to affect in our elderly stages of life, but it can also affect the one having accidents where brain is injured, other mental disorders, and continuous exposure to toxic substances. I want to remind once more that; dementia is just the symptom but not the actual ailment. Symptoms of dementia can lead to disease like Alzheimers, and even Parkinson’s disease.


According to Alzheimer’s Society, the rate of people affected by dementia is rising rapidly. It has estimated that more than a million people will be affected by this by 2025.

Final Words

So, are we taking care of our elders who are supposed to be the most targeted group? Are we analyzing their change in behavior? Do their activities similar to the symptoms mentioned above? We are the one to take care of them. As they have struggled a lot in their life for us, now its time for us to act.