This is the segment of Ewebpedia Network ©, where as being a owner of this network: I disclose that i am an "affiliate marketer" . This website or sister sites under this network contains affiliates promotional links or properties. The form of advertising system i am using at this moment are :

1) Google AdSense:

Those who are unaware of this , firstly i want to make you clear a lil' bit about Google AdSense. Google AdSense is the advertising program launched by Google Inc. where blog publishers are given certain JS code by Google which displays advertisements in that particular blog or site. This is actually a pay per click (PPC) advertising program. So, whenever a visitor clicks on the adverts, the blog owner or publisher gets a share by Google. Our network also use Google AdSense.

2) Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing is another program where a company provides a special code of a particular product to the publisher where he can display in his blog. The publisher will promote the third party product and if any subscriber or visitor have a successful transaction or buy something from his blog, he will get commission. Amazon, eBay, Clickbank are some huge name in Affiliate Marketing Industry. I disclose that, we are using affiliate marketing in some sites especially Ewebmarket under our network.

3) In-text advertisements:

While reading our articles or posts, you might see, the double underline green line creating a hyperlink over the text. This is also a form of advertisement which is known as In-text advertisements. Infolinks is one company providing in-text advertisement. Its is like Google AdSense . We are using Infolinks on our posts.

4) Selling space:

Till now, we have not sell any advertisement space under our Network. But, we have a future plan  to sell space accordingly.

We are using these advertisement methods on our Network. There is a wrong concept among internet users that, the sites which use advertisement programs are only dedicated for income generation rather than service. But, Ewebpedia Network © is dedicated to provide unique and quality information , products or services. This is our main motto, and monetary matter is secondary. We do provide contents on what people are searching over internet and try to solve their problem. As our site is themed and based on the "information portal for positive transformation" slogan, we are serious about this.

 Apart of this, we provide a genuine review of affiliate products (third party products) as far as practicable and possible in our review blog. But, perception of individual is different and vary vastly, we recommend all our subscribers, members and audiences to have a look on reviews of other established blogs too for more accuracy before buying any products online. Affiliate Company, CLICKBANK offers a 100% money back guarantee, so you can buy products from Clickbank without hesitation. If you are not satisfied, they can return your money back. If you have bought any products from Clickbank under our Network, we can support you for returning your money but we don't take responsibility of such purchases.

For more information , we recommend you to visit our privacy policy and terms of service pages. Please visit back as we will be updating this page whenever, we change our disclosure policies.