How to Stop Smoking Weed – Marijuana Addiction

How to stop Smoking Weed : Introduction

There are various types of addictions and its effect on us. Smoking cigarettes, chewing tobacco, alcoholism etc. are common, if we figure out of the list. Marijuana Addiction or smoking weed is also an addiction having greater impact and consequences than nicotine addiction. So, this post is the answer on, how to stop smoking weed and the weed we are going to focus is marijuana.

Marijuana: An overview

It is definitely important to know what is marijuana and how we get addicted to it.  Cambridge Advanced Learner defines marijuana as "a usually illegal drug made from the dried leaves and flowers of the HEMP plant, which when eaten or smoked can cause a pleasant feeling and relaxation".  The main cause of addiction to this weed is because of its primary chemical element tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).   This element is actively present in marijuana which is responsible for inducing relaxation and heightens of the senses.

People generally consume marijuana as like smoking cigarettes, popularly known as joints. This weed is also taken by hollowed cigar pipes, internally filled with it. When people are addicted to some sort of weed, they can use it in combination with other drug like cocaine. The process for stop smoking weed is similar like that of getting rid of smoking cigarettes but it also depends on the concentration and time period of addiction. So, i highly recommend studying my previous post on tips to quit smoking.


-Quick Start:- As you are searching internet and other sources to quit smoking or get rid of this addiction, then you are in your first step to success. And it’s obvious; you are not much addicted to it. If you would be highly addicted, you wouldn't bother to search; instead, you would be enjoying your weed and destroying your life.

how to stop smoking weed

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-Perfect Mind Set:- Having a perfect mind-set to get rid of addiction, is one inevitable point. You need to set your mind and analyze the reasons why, you must have to quit smoking weed. Some common reasons to start with can be; i wanna quit smoking for my family, career, good life, health and most importantly for myself. However, the reasons can be personalized and depends on an individual.

-Managing the Plans:- Now, as you are ready to stop and get yourself out of weed, make a plan for it. If you just get out and think of getting rid without plans, then you will definitely have a hard time and probability of returning back is most. So, create a mind-map on how you are going to take everyday steps with discipline and dedication.

-Support:- We all need support on our hard times. So, never hesitate to get support from family members, friends and relatives.

-Its Challenging:- Yes, you will be suffered in the initial phase of the whole process. But, always think positive and be dedicated on your goal. Engage your mind in some other stuffs of your interest.

-Rehab Centers:– If you are not being able to control yourself, instead of wanting to quit, take help from rehabilitation center and if appropriate, stay there. Please keep in mind, you will not die by not having weed but you will have hard time fulfilling the gap, this addiction has created in your brain.

-Relaxation Exercises:– Yes, to focus and relax your brain, you can try yoga, meditation and any sort of concentration methods (self hypnosis are particularly used). Addiction is more in your brain and less in your body.

-Know your Triggers:– As like other addiction, marijuana addiction is also backed up by some trigger which vary from person to person. So, what are your triggers behind it? Had you started to take it just because of friends? Or, because of some kind of depression, anxiety or stress? Therefore, analyzing and finding your triggers is important to solve this issue.

how to stop smoking weed

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-Train your Subliminal Mind:- We can't deny and ignore the fact about the power of subliminal mind. So, with positive affirmation you can make the impossible for you, possible. Train your mind that you are happy without weed and the pleasure crafted by it. It’s all about attitude. So, repeat this many many many times. " I am happy without smoking, i feel relaxed and calm. I am totally out of weed". This is just one example as you are master to make affirmations best suited for yourself.  There is one saying " A lie told often and repeatedly will become a truth". Try it and you will be amazed.

-Elastic Effect:– It is definite that, you will want to have marijuana in the process of quitting. So, put an elastic band on your arm. Then, whenever the feeling of smoking knocks your mind, or the first impulse of weed comes, stretch and leave the band. This will create a temporary pain in your arm which suggests your subconscious about the NO NO to weed. This point seems stupid but working too.

These tips on how to stop smoking weed or marijuana can be used for other addiction type too. I have written this article, assuming you are being affected by this addiction but, parents and guardians can also used it for their benefits.



  1. Jiminy Billy Bob says:

    Thanks for your post. I myself was addicted to marijuana. I always thought that it was just a part of my lifestyle. But I soon realised that I couldn’t do what I wanted to do and also be a full-time smoker. Fortunately I can now live with addiction, fully accept it and I am not afraid of judgemental attitudes of our society (the lack of compassion).
    Here is my story (shortened):

  2. Sheila Roberts says:

    I have learn several just right stuff here. Certainly worth bookmarking for revisiting. I wonder how a lot effort you set to create this sort of excellent informative web site.

    • Gjivan Shrestha says:

      Yah, i dont think blogging as my passion or hobby only, its my business (service oriented). So i love to help people and provide value via this virtual world of internet. Monetary is secondary!!

  3. Gjivan Shrestha says:

    Yah, knowledge and experience increase with sharing. So, we always welcome mutual sharing of ideas, techniques and tips for mutual betterment with our readers and fellow bloggers.


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