How to Lose Belly Fat for Men – I

Though it be a body building campaign or be it a fitness program or a 6 pack power scheme, reducing the access fat from the belly is the must. how to lose belly fat for men, is the most common question asked online or offline especially by the age group crossing 30. I mentioned the age group in the sense that, after the age of 30, normally body starts to gain weight and if we can't manage to exercise and our diet plan, we are going to get those extra pounds without our desire.  Generally, people look fat when their belly protrudes forward. So, you guys might be reading this post by being conscious of your looks or external beauty. But, apart of looks, access fat in belly or simply obesity has much more negative results if we care to learn regarding our health too.

There are many methods, process and products for reducing weight and belly fat. Some use traditional methods and some use very latest technologies. In this post, we will try to combine or fuse both the methods so as to create a more advanced method.

Diet Part:- This is the most crucial part when it comes to reducing or increasing weight and yes in reducing belly too. Without a proper and balanced diet, we are not going to achieve the result we want to see. So, here are some tips for this part.

  • Reduce Food containing Fats: – This is known to all. Stop the intake of foods containing huge amount of fats. Generally, if you are a McDonald's and KFC's fan, you need to sacrifice them for your health and here, for your belly. This means, you are not going to have fried foods at home. Ignore fried foods.


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  • Increase the intake of water: – The minimum requirement of water for an adult (male) is 2-3 liters per day. This is the average need. But it also depends on how active or passive your life style is. If you are a heavy trainer or your work is kind of sweaty, you need more water to fulfill the loss by sweats.

  • Stop Junk Foods: – Junk foods are the one which are high in calories but low in nutritional content. So, for a fat belly, you need to stop having them.

  • Increase Fruits intake: – Replacing fried or fatty foods with fresh fruits can be a good switch. Therefore, have plenty of seasonal fresh fruits. It’s better to have them fresh rather them placing them 5 days in refrigerator.

  • Increase vegetable contents: – Vegetables are generally low in calories but are high in vitamins, minerals so, try to beat meat products with vegetables.

  • Reduce Red Meat intake: – Red meat are the one which are red in raw state like beef. Red meat is generally high calorie meat which takes a bit longer to digest. So, try to replace them with chicken, fish (salmon) and eggs.

  • Never Do Dieting: – This is the most important point of all. People have a wrong impression of dieting and reducing weight. Believe me, the more you miss your meal the more negative effects it will have on your campaign or i say on your overall health. Every time you miss your diet or meal, your metabolic process or metabolism becomes slow. This means, your body will store or reserve more fat than usual and consequently makes you more fatter.  And you know very well, starvation makes you eat double than you usually would and this is not positive for reducing weight or your belly.

how to lose belly fat for men

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Exercise Part:–  This is another inevitable factor when it comes to lose belly fat. Let’s assume you have followed a good diet plan having a balanced diet, but you are not seeing any results, why? The answer is simple and clear, you need to calculate the calories of your food intakes and burn the excess calories out of your body.  And to burn them, you need to work out or exercise specifically targeting your belly or abs (in this case). To know how much calorie you intake and how much you need to burn, we will be discussing in part two of this tutorial.

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In general, we have a wrong impression that every exercise will help us to reduce fat or weight. But, this is totally wrong concept. Exercises which will help us to reduce excess fat are CARDIO EXERCISES or cardio-vascular exercises or AEROBIC EXERCISES. Some examples of Cardio Exercises are

  1. Running
  2. Stair Climbing
  3. Skipping Rope
  4. Tread Meal
  5. Jogging
  6. Cycling
  7. Swimming
  8. Kick-Boxing.

More about cardiovascular exercises. Cardio or Aerobic exercises help us to burn those extra calories but not totally make your belly or abs flat. For this you need to practice abs workout. Some abs exercises, you can do at home are as follows:

  • Crunches.
  • Abdominal Holds.
  • Bicycle Crunches.
  • Cross Body Crunches.
  • Hip Thrusts.
  • Oblique V Ups.
  • Pendulums.
  • Sit Ups.
  • Prone Cobras.
  • Reverse Crunches.
  • Supermans
  • Russian Twists.

We will talk about the abs workouts for a flat belly in another part of this tutorial. See you there.


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