How to lose belly fat for men- Part iii

How to lose belly fat for men- Part III – Mobile technologies

This is the third part of the series " how to lose belly fat for men ". Please study part i and part ii to better understand this part. Briefly saying, in previous parts, we have discussed about balancing in food and nutrition and some of the workouts or exercises in short. In this part, we will be talking about latest mobile technologies (especially for iOS devices) and applications which will ease and speed up the process for losing belly fat or strengthening muscles.

Lose Belly Fat for Men: iPhone Applications for Workouts, Tracking and Fitness

Some of the iOS applications or software which i am using or had used for losing fat and gaining and strengthening core belly muscles are as follows.

1) Abs Workout Pro:- This application is for iPhone, iPad and all the iDevices running iOS. It has both the free and paid/ pro version. The interface is very clear. Various levels of workouts are there but you can choose particular exercises according to your stamina.

how to lose belly fat for men

Apart of having various stages of workouts sessions, there is an automated trainer which will guide you through the whole process. And you can even customize the exercises to create a workout plan suitable for yourself. I am also using this application and satisfied with the results. So, i recommend to all the iOS users to try the free trial app, then they can upgrade to pro one. Well, if you don't have any iOS devices, we will be publishing each workout exercises detailly in coming days. So, keep connected with us.

2) Heart Rate Monitor:- This is another iOS application by Azumio which is very helpful for fitness programs, especially for burning calories. We are not going to define the mechanism behind this software but, this is really handy and user friendly. It will instantly shows your heart rate while at rest or at workout and you can determine the level of calorie you are burning. It is not only useful for losing fat from belly, but for overall weight loss program.

how to lose belly fat for men

So, how can this heart rate monitor will help in belly reduction? This may be the question in your mind at this moment. And yes, you are correct too. Only, measuring the heart rate wont do much help. But, when it is combined with Abs workouts, with proper balanced diet, it will do magic. In this software, there are certain pre-defined zones in which we enter while doing certain exercises or workouts. When our heart rate increase, it enters to certain zone and these zones have their own use. This software is helpful for cardio exercises. For example, you can track your heart rate before doing workouts, on resting phase of workouts and after some duration of workouts. Additionally, heart rate monitor also facilitates the timeline recording of your heart rate in various periods. Anyway, without describing the pre-defined HR zones, it will be a bit difficult to understand. So, here it goes:

  • Warm Up (120 bm-140bpm) :- As the name suggests, when your heart rate is between 120 beats/minute to 140 beats/minute, its just warming up. Simple jogging can help you to reach this condition. It can also be taken as cool down phase to relax the muscles and prevent injuries. In this phase, the heart rate is 50-60% of your max heart rate.
  • Fat Burn (140 bpm-151bpm):- This is also self-explanatory. Here, you have 60-70% of your max heart rate. Be in this zone, if your aim is to lose weight. Your body is fueled by 10% carbohydrates, 5% protein and 85% fats. Gentle running can get you in this zone.
  • Cardio (152 bpm-163bpm) :- Here, you have 70-80% of your max heart rate. This zone is also called aerobic zone. In this zone, your heart and lung capacity will increase resulting the growth in your stamina. So, you can exercise for longer period. Overall health benefits can be achieved by staying in this zone.
  • Extreme (163 bpm-174bpm) :- Here, you have 80-90% of your max heart rate. This zone is also called anaerobic zone. This zone is highly intense and is not recommended to workout for more than 10-15 minutes max. And, beginners must avoid this zone. In this zone, your body's ability to consume oxygen will increase. Here, your body will burn 85% carbohydrates, 15% fat and minimal amount of protein.


 Well, to lose belly fat for men, Fat Burn and Cardio is sufficient.

The process of workouts using this application must be simple for it to be effective in the long run. Complete the cardio exercises for at least 10-20 minutes in the beginning. Then take rest for at least 5-10 minutes. After you can switch to abs workouts with proper interval.

 In upcoming posts, as we said, we will be focusing on individual abs workouts. Feel free to pour comments. See you there.


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