How to lose belly fat for men- Part ii

This is the second part of our tutorial series "how to lose belly fat for men". In our previous part, we had discussed about Diet and a little bit about Exercise or Workouts. Read the first part. The understanding of first part will make you get this part with more ease. In this post, particularly we will be focusing on modern technologies which can speed up the process and make it more reliable and easy.

Basic Terminologies

Well, before moving further, you need to understand the basic terms which are important for you on your overall program of weight loss or losing belly fat.

  • Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR):- This is the amount of daily calories you would burn if you stay in bed all day. This is the minimum requirement of calories or energy your body needs at resting phase. So, it is also known as Resting Metabolic Rate or RMR. Your normal metabolic processes like Heart beats, Breathing etc., consume energy. The more you get older, your BMR decreases and this is where cardio exercises are needed.

  • Body Mass Index (BMI):- This is a measurement of body fat of an individual based on his/her height and weight between ages 18-65. This is the significant tool for analyzing if a person in underweight, overweight or suffering from clinical obesity. A normal BMI score is between 20-25.

  • Body Fat Percentage: – As the name suggests,  it is the percentage of body fat in your body. Certain amount of fat is essential for maintaining bodily functions but the percentage should be calculated in certain duration. This measure is more important in case of weight loss program and in losing belly fat too. The best time to calculate the body fat percentage is in the morning, as your body weight and waist measurements are the most accurate just after you wake up.

Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

how to lose belly fat for man

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Now, this is the main part which i was eager to present and you guys too may be eager for. As i mentioned earlier, Losing Belly fat needs the combination of CARDIO EXERCISES plus ABS WORKOUTS.

CARDIO EXERCISES:-  If you are a beginner, it’s necessary for your body to be familiar with the workouts and exercises to increase the stamina in coming days. So, before going for tough procedure, 3-5 minutes warm-up exercise is very essential.

  1. Keep your body loose, wear comfortable cloths. Then start jogging or jumping with ease for 2-3 minutes (STOP WATCH OR TIMER is very necessary).
  2. After 3 minutes, rest for 2 minutes and start breathing from belly (not chest). This will ease and relax you and makes you energetic.
  3. Stretch your hands, roundup and loosen them. Same case for legs. Twist your wrists, knees, toes and hips comfortably for 3 minutes.
  4. Rest for 3 more minutes. Then Set, timer for 4 minutes.
  5. Take a jumping rope and start to jump it until you get exhausted. In the beginning, you can't jump continuously for more than 2 minutes which will be somewhat 100 times.
  6. Do this for at least 1 week. Then after, you can increase the duration accordingly with ease.


Note: Here i haven't mentioned of other apparatus like Treadmill, as this is bit expensive and if we get the same benefit without expending much, we need to promote them.

Mechanism Behind Cardio Exercise

Well, you need to understand how cardio exercises can help us burn calories. Our average heart rate is 72 bpm. When we do cardio exercises, our heart rate increases which results in burning the calories. We will discuss each zone separately in another segment below.


Abs workouts not only strengthen your core muscles of abs, but also help to lose fats from belly as losing fats is the initial process for 6 packs. And yes, Abs workouts are not limited only to losing fat in belly. So, here i will only present the basic abs workouts for losing belly fat and definitely create another series only dedicated to Abs workouts in coming days.

Beginners Abs Workouts

1) Crunches :- Repeat 10 times of 2 Sets with a pause of 30 seconds in between. For one week, the rhythm must be slow.

2) Bicycle Crunches:- Repeat 10 times of 1 set in slow rhythm for one week with a 30 seconds resting time.

3) Planks:- Repeat 5 times of set 1 in slow rhythm for one week with 45 seconds resting time.

4) Sit Ups:- Repeat 10 times of 1 Set in medium rhythm with a resting duration of 30 seconds.

PS: For Video Tutorials for each workout, click them.


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