How to gain muscle fast

Before going through this topic, i want to make you clear that, how to gain muscle fast doesn't mean how to gain weight. Instead, it helps to lose fat fast and gain muscle mass. In my previous articles, i talked about good ways to lose weight by various methods and pink method was one of them. You can have a look to get a clear picture which will help you to understand this post with more ease.

Every guy has a dream for having a tight and fit body (4 packs or 6 packs abs) with more muscle mass than fat . To transform this dream into reality, he engages himself in various phenomenon and methods like going to fitness center, gym clubs, protein diets, diet control, fasting etc. There are various products apart of these which can help to gain muscle fast and lose fat super-fast. In this post we are going to talk about some major methods and process of gaining muscle.

Tips: How to gain muscle fast 

1) Design your Diet and Exercise Schedule: This is the most prominent and major point which is inevitable if you are serious in gaining muscle fast. Fitness exercises and diet plan should be a simultaneous process and must be in balance. Imbalance in exercises and diet schedule will have negative consequences.

2) Increase in Protein Intake: We all know and have read from early schooling that proteins are the building blocks of life. And now, we will experience this in real life. Protein helps to build cells and cells are the foundation of muscle. So, ultimately protein diets are the must for building muscle fast.

how to gain muscle fast

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3) Combining Cardio Exercises with Weight training Program: Why we need cardio exercises to build muscle? This may be the question arising in your head. Well If your body has excess fat percentage than muscle mass, you need to burn the fat. So, cardio exercises are the one useful for this. And sidewise, you keep on working with your muscle building exercise simultaneously. Combining both of these will not only speed up the process but also increase your stamina to go further. ( If you are skinny and in the process of weight gaining too, you can ignore this step- but cardio will not harm you either)

4) Weight Training: To gain muscle fast,  you must join a reputed gym club and start weight training. You must follow the gym instructor very seriously. Generally, when we go for gym for the first time, we overdo the exercises which ultimately have the negative side effect. So, even if you can lift 80 kgs, and your instructor is telling to go for 10 kgs, you must follow him. Always keep in mind, building muscle is a long and continuous process, you won’t get a 6 packs overnight.

5) Increasing the Level: When you stamina and capability increases, you can increase the level or concentration of exercise with the permission of your instructor. But even if you are a pro, never forget to do a 5 minutes light warm-up before going for heavy exercises.

how to gain muscle fast

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6) Interval Training: While doing your strength workouts,  always take interval or break in-between. How much break you need depends on your progress, stamina and type of exercise. Generally, if you are a newbie you must take break in every 15-30 minutes or workout for at least 10 minutes.

7) Take Proper Rest: When you workout, you muscle will be in a tensed state and to develop the cells, you need complete rest. So, if you are involved in some muscle building program, take a plentiful of rest and avoid late night stay as far as practicable.

8) Involve your Mind Power:  ?Generally, in other tutorials on how to gain muscle fast, this step seems to be missing. Majority of fitness program only targets physical part but we can't deny the dominance of mind over body. So, there are various meditations, yoga for weight loss, affirmations, and self-hypnotism programs which significantly boost the performance and process. Try it to believe it.

So, these are some of the methods on how to gain muscle fast. But, one thing i need to mention. For the process to complete and succeed perfectly, you must have determination, discipline, consistency, hard work and dedication. If you have any queries feel free to ask me.



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    To gain muscles you need to eat more and do exercise on regular basis. Multi joint strength training sessions are usually done as one of the basic things in exercise routine and there are various other exercise that are used for muscles building. One should do exercise of each type in training sessions. If you want maximum muscle gain, then you should do exercise fast instead of doing weight lifts slowly. You should take calories from food that is fresh and you should also do the right type of exercise.

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