Treating a Burning Sensation

burning sensation treatment

A burning sensation can represent a variety of conditions that usually includes the doll aching pain. In most cases this kind of burning pain is often related to nerves, however there are many other potential causes. It can be due to injuries, and infection, and immune disorder or even natural wear and tear. One of […]

The Importance Of Heart Disease Screening

heart disease

Heart disease is a prevalent part of American society. Not only is it proving to be one of the most expensive health crises in the nation’s history, but it's also the leading cause of death for men and women. While it seems impossible to avoid the burden of the heart disease phenomenon, getting a heart […]

Substance Abuse Disorder and Problems

substance abuse disorder

Substance Abuse Disorder: Substance abuse disorder is the condition where an individual abuses a substance to the point where that leads to mal-adaptive behaviors, followed by at least one symptom which interferes his/her normal life functioning within a 1 year period. When a person is addicted to a substance especially drug, it is not easy […]

How to Stop Smoking Weed – Marijuana Addiction

how to stop smoking weed

How to stop Smoking Weed : Introduction There are various types of addictions and its effect on us. Smoking cigarettes, chewing tobacco, alcoholism etc. are common, if we figure out of the list. Marijuana Addiction or smoking weed is also an addiction having greater impact and consequences than nicotine addiction. So, this post is the […]

Alcohol Withdrawal Treatment

alcohol withdrawal treatment

In our recent posts, we have been talking more about drug abuse, substance abuse counselor, smoking addiction and topics related to drugs and addiction. This article will also be similar and will mainly target in alcohol withdrawal treatment, symptoms and fetal alcohol effects. When an individual stops or withdraws alcohol or alcoholic substances, symptoms or […]