Substance Abuse Disorder and Problems

substance abuse disorder

Substance Abuse Disorder: Substance abuse disorder is the condition where an individual abuses a substance to the point where that leads to mal-adaptive behaviors, followed by at least one symptom which interferes his/her normal life functioning within a 1 year period. When a person is addicted to a substance especially drug, it is not easy […]

How to Stop Smoking Weed – Marijuana Addiction

how to stop smoking weed

How to stop Smoking Weed : Introduction There are various types of addictions and its effect on us. Smoking cigarettes, chewing tobacco, alcoholism etc. are common, if we figure out of the list. Marijuana Addiction or smoking weed is also an addiction having greater impact and consequences than nicotine addiction. So, this post is the […]

Nicotine Free Cigarettes : Alternative for Quitting Smoking

nicotine free cigarettes

The title of this post is self -explanatory. We have talked a lot about smoking, tips to quit smoking and weed etc in our previous articles. Once, you are addicted to smoking, it is really very challenging task to quit and get rid of it ,irrespective of the reason of smoking. We all know, addicted […]