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After some years of birth and even before knowing "who we are", we get familiar with terms like STUDY, school,books and homeworks. This process goes on till we are mature enough to apply it to our day to day life. And we are introduced to more advanced form of study i.e. LEARNING and this is an endless phenomena till our last breath. The methods and process of studying varies among individuals. Some are quick to catch new things and forget earlier and some takes time to memorize and have a great retention ability. Apart of having genetic coding and inherited characters by parents to offspring, the physical structure of HUMAN BRAIN is almost similar in size and shape. So, why some people like Einstein are termed as GENIUS ? The answer is simple, he used it to the fullest and extracted the results to the fullest. As like, the more we exercise and workout, the more our body develops and is the same case in brain. The more we exercise the brain cells, the more synapses it will create and the greater the bond in synapses, the more retention level we will achieve. Instead of variation in studying, a technology which people were using (knowingly or unknowingly) from past has been developed and now we even can use it for our betterment too. People have various level of perception and reception to the information or data supplied and input. Like, some are visual minded who catches quickly by seeing or visualizing, some are audio minded, memorizes easily to what is heard and listened, some motor minded, prefers to learn by writing and rare are kinesthetic ( learning by using all senses and even movement). Everyone has and you also have one sense dominating other so, its your duty to find which way you prefer and are using. I am not going to talk about these all in this post, here i am focusing on brainwave entrainment especially binaural beats and using it as an aid to study (Binaural beats can be used for various motives and purposes).

Our brain is composed of billions of brain cells known as neurons and they are interconnected to each other. They use electricity to communicate and this electricity creates a pattern which is shown in EEG ( Electro Encephalogram) in a wave form known as brainwave pattern. This brainwave pattern changes due to various causes and have an great impact on what we think, how we think, what we do and what we feel. Brainwave entrainment also known as brainwave synchronization is a technology to practice to change the brainwave pattern by using third party means ( in this case audio means ) to the level on wants. We can find a bunch of brainwave entrainment software online or offline.

Types of Brainwaves

•    Beta Wave:–This is a brainwave pattern, originates within the frequency of 15Hz-38Hz. Generally, when we are awake, alert and doing our daily chores.

•    Alpha Wave:– Alpha wave is another brainwave pattern which can be seen just before sleep and before waking up. This brainwave pattern is responsible for relaxation, relieving stress and strain and perfect for strengthening immune system as a whole. It has a frequency of 8Hz-12Hz. Alpha wave is the one which we are targeting for study. It is mostly used in self-hypnotism, affirmation, self-suggestion, accelerated learning. In this state, body is completely relaxing but mind is awake and alert. Generally, we are in direct connection with sub-conscious mind and whatever suggestion we input will instantly taken by it.

•    Theta Wave:– This brainwave is produced at about 3-8Hz.  It is used for more relaxation, lucid dreams, deep meditation and hypnosis.

•    Delta Wave:– It is the most profound wave pattern used for deep dreamless sleep. It is the slowest brainwave of all . In delta state, body starts to heal and reset its biological clock. Delta brainwave are used for releasing of growth hormone and for accelerate language retention programs.

There are sub-types of each brainwave pattern like low alpha, mid alpha and high alpha which have their own significance and functions but knowing this basics is sufficient for us regarding this post.

As we have known some basics of brainwave entrainment, now let us have an idea of binaural beats. Binaural beats are the beats produced by brainwave entrainment technique by using audio signals as a medium. For example, if a left ear is sent an audio signal of 100Hz and 110Hz is sent to right ear, this create a difference in beat frequency; in this case 10Hz is the difference which falls under Alpha Wave pattern as discussed above. So simply, binaural beats are the sensation of  third sound when brain integrates the two signals having similar frequencies. Now, you might have been cleared about how we can change our brainwave pattern and achieve the desired result. When a binaural beats of 10hz is created, we are in Alpha brainwave state manually.

Where to Find Binaural Beats

Various companies are producing smartphones softwares and applications relating to binaural beats and more advanced form known as Isochronic tones. One of the top company is Monroe Institute which has created a new method known as HEMI SYNC using binaural beats. And programmers and web-developers are also developing applications for various platforms like iOS, andriod, symbian etc.

My Recommendation

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