Best way to build muscle

 When it comes to building muscle main or especially building lean muscle, there are some important aspects which can't be ignored. When we jump for a workout process, the most overlooked area is taking gap or rest. Here, the term 'rest' signifies two meanings. One, the rest or duration between two sessions of workout and another is the rest while taking nap or sleep. Mostly, people have general concept that, when they engage in heavy workouts, balanced diet and extra protein intake, they have completed the schedule and just ignoring the most inevitable factor "REST".  Always keep in mind, in building lean muscle fast or for every strength exercises, you need a complete rest. Your body grows muscle during recovery not when you are pumping or lifting weights.

Steps for building muscle fast

1)  Sign up in a reputed gym club or fitness center. Why this is important is , if you are a beginner, you don't have proper knowledge of which  muscle group to target first and even can't figure out the duration and process of training. So, you need a professional instructor who can assist you from the beginning. Start by working in some major muscle groups viz thigh, back, hamstrings, shoulders etc.

2)  You need to burn more calories than you consume per day.  But be sure to calculate your BMR before that. Cardiac exercises like skipping rope, jumping, jogging, walking and running are some examples. Performing an activity which can burn more calories will take you a step closer on building lean muscle mass. But, better be clear that cardio exercises won't help you in building lean muscle, they are helpful for weight loss or simply burning calories. If you are overweight then you can do it simultaneously with strength workouts. For body building, you need to challenge your muscle by lifting weight. Have a look on our previous article in how to gain muscle fast for quick reference.

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best way to build muscle

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3)  Never target only one muscle group. This is another reason why I recommend joining a reputed gym club. Only targeting a muscle group or segment will do more negatives than positive.

4)  Perfect eating habit is another important aspect.  This actually depends on body mass and particular procedure but normally, it is recommended to eat in every half an hour up to four hours after finishing your workout schedule. Drink a lot of water and if possible have some protein drinks in this period. The reason behind this is that, your body will consume or use all the food while doing tough workouts and foods taken prior to workout will be wasted out.

5) Try new workout method. Definitely it’s a human nature that, we get bored by doing same thing over and over. So, this frustration can leads to failure. If you are not seeing any positive results even after a vigorous workout for weeks, try different workout methods. This will certainly help you and keeps you motivated and fresh.

6)  Mental Workouts. This is also important but has not been focused in tutorials. We are the combination of mind and body so why not we use mind for building body. For that, try some yoga or autogenics (self-affirmation techniques) before going physical. If you visualize your success, you sub-conscious mind will react accordingly at the same pace. This can actually speed up the process. The process of mental workouts will be posted in coming days

So, these are some of the best way to build muscle mass as well as helpful for those thinking for body building or strength training.

            Recommended :- Eat the way you love, and look the way you like

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