Jivan Bikram Shrestha

About Author/Founder

Basically an Art/Tech student entered into pro-blogging and internet marketing. Apart of creating, managing and curating high quality contents for Ewebpedia Network©, Jivan Shrestha has already experienced authoring contents (text, podcast, visual) in various platforms. Initial stage of his blogging career started in early 2007. In that period, blogging, for him was just a way of expressing his thoughts through virtual medium of internet or just as a "HOBBY".

But in recent years, this HOBBY has transformed into a service oriented business (monetary part is secondary). In his initial steps of using internet as a means of money making, he had worked as a freelance content creator in ODesk, Inc (huge online freelance marketplace), published couple of articles and earned Diamond Level Expert Author in Ezinearticles (Number one article directory in Internet) and began his journey of "blogging for information and solution" by launching a blog related to personality development niche in free platform by Google (blogger). Currently, he is editor-in-chief, SEO/SEM Analyst  and Online Advertising adviser for Ewebpedia Network™, Mentor/Instructor at Udemy and also contributing "hubs" in Hubpages Community timely.

About Ewebpedia Network©

Ewebpedia Blog© , launched in early 2012, is basically a multi-niche(topics) targeting blog whose main theme is "information portal for positive transformation". This theme actually means a lot and has a broad meaning but, in general, it means helping out people who are in need for genuine information relating particular niches, solution of their problems via informational products and recommendations and keep updating and increasing the topics which interest and help them. For this time being, we target various niches which are divided into various categories like Beauty and Personal Care, Health and Fitness, Tips and Tutorials, How-Tos related articles, Tech Stuffs etc and it will be added according to what interest our visitors.

How we create informational articles and products??

Momentarily, we are creating majority of contents from ghost writers, guest bloggers and freelancers but our long term goal is to increase and recruit the staff base and which we think is compulsory in any business model. We will be hiring special authors according to their subject area and expertise regarding that subject (for example, for disease related and health related posts, we will be hiring medical doctors, for fitness related articles and products, personal trainers will be hired etc); this is important so as to maintain the quality of the information we've promised to provide.

What is in it for you??

Well, you may be thinking, why i should subscribe or visit this blog as there are colossal number of blogs delivering information all over the web?? Yes, there are huge number of blogs emerging and dying within 3 months period and most of them are created only to earn a quick cash rather than providing value to their visitors. We have a long term goal and as we are multi-niched, we will provide premium information covering various sectors and not a single one. Our primary motto is to create a huge visitor base by providing solutions and information they seek and yes, making money is secondary (Read our disclosure). Not only we create genuine and premium content, but also a team to curate others work with permission, is also there. Plus, as we believe in continuous evolving and developing, we create contents according to majority of our visitors want us to; and we perform and analyze this with tools like, surveys, webinars, polls, discussion etc.

Apart of this, we encourage our visitors to not only broaden their knowledge but also express their views with us. No-body is perfect in the beginning as perfection comes with practice and attempts of failures, so, we will give chance to interested visitors to express their views as a post by guest posting with creating their brand and web presence through us. Read more about Writing for us.

Apart of blogging, we provide various services at affordable cost for our readers. Please visit here for more information on services we provide.

Last Words:

Last but not the least, we are targeting visitors from all ages, gender , ethics, morals and beliefs. So, we believe everyone will get something positive and informative from us. Feel free to contact us, as your feedback is the foundation of our growth, we will try our level best to reply as soon as possible. Suggest us new features, what you are interested in, what solution you need, we will research and deliver. Please share our posts, views, contents in social medias which will uplift our status in web and like our social pages and subscribe to get in touch with us. Thank you for visiting!