Good ways to lose weight

good ways to lose weight

Generally, we all know that there are various systems and weight reduction programs in whole internet. And in this post, i am going to mention some good ways to lose weight. Overweight and clinical obesity are the main cause or base for almost incurable illness like diabetes, hypertension, hypo-tension, cardiac diseases etc. It’s definitely easy […]

Relaxation Techniques: Autogenic Training

autogenic training

This is the third part of our series "Relaxation Techniques". In this part, i am going to talk about a western method which is not so common but very effective. This technique is known as "Autogenics or Autogenic training". It is developed by German psychiatrist; Dr. Johannes Schultz. It was first published in 1932 and […]

Relaxation Techniques: Meditation

meditation techniques

When a person successfully completes this meditation, he finds himself very energetic and a complete different human being. He feels more relaxed and calm and can cope with his surroundings and challenges with much comfort and vigor. This is the second part of the series “relaxation techniques". In this part, i will concentrate on meditation […]

Binaural Beats – Brainwave Entrainment For Effective Study

brainwave entrainment

After some years of birth and even before knowing "who we are", we get familiar with terms like STUDY, school,books and homeworks. This process goes on till we are mature enough to apply it to our day to day life. And we are introduced to more advanced form of study i.e. LEARNING and this is an […]

Yoga For Weight Loss Campaign

yoga for weight loss

In 10 years duration, clinical obesity is the major cause of various diseases like diabetes mellitus, hypertension, cardiac diseases etc. We can find  various programs and products online or offline for good ways to lose weight which guarantee that you will lose certain kilograms in certain interval of time. Some might work but majority are […]