Relaxation Techniques : Brainwave Entrainment

unexplainable store brainwave entrainment

This is the fourth and last part of the series "Relaxation Techniques". Well, we had already talked about brainwaves entrainment and its benefits and brief definition of brain waves in our earlier post, have a look here. Brainwaves entrainment method is used for various purposes from boosting immunity power to memory and retention, from healing, […]

How to build Lean Muscle

how to build lean muscle

Building lean Muscle: Advanced methods When it comes to building muscle main or especially building lean muscle, there are some important aspects which can't be ignored. When we jump for a workout process, the most overlooked area is taking gap or rest. Here, the term 'rest' signifies two meanings. One, the rest or duration between […]

How to lose belly fat for men- Part iii

how to lose belly fat for men

How to lose belly fat for men- Part III – Mobile technologies This is the third part of the series " how to lose belly fat for men ". Please study part i and part ii to better understand this part. Briefly saying, in previous parts, we have discussed about balancing in food and nutrition […]

How to lose belly fat for men- Part ii

how to lose belly fat for man

This is the second part of our tutorial series "how to lose belly fat for men". In our previous part, we had discussed about Diet and a little bit about Exercise or Workouts. Read the first part. The understanding of first part will make you get this part with more ease. In this post, particularly […]

Good ways to lose weight

good ways to lose weight

Generally, we all know that there are various systems and weight reduction programs in whole internet. And in this post, i am going to mention some good ways to lose weight. Overweight and clinical obesity are the main cause or base for almost incurable illness like diabetes, hypertension, hypo-tension, cardiac diseases etc. It’s definitely easy […]